We would love for you to visit us this Sunday! 


Why we meet

Jesus said that when even two of his followers meet together, he is there too (Matthew 18:20)!  He is present in a powerful way when his people gather to pursue him.  And when we get close to Jesus amazing things happen - heaviness and guilt and fear dissipate, replaced by peace and joy; a deeper love for one another is birthed; some hear his voice in a special way; some are healed; and some encounter Jesus and give their lives to him for the first time!

What to Expect

Our Sunday gatherings are about 90 minutes long.  The atmosphere is very casual (think family BBQ as opposed to solemn religious event).  There is a very strict dress code - it is absolutely mandatory that you wear clothes.  Other than that, just wear what you are comfortable in.

 We start with around 30 minutes of worship music - a time to fix our eyes on Jesus, with lyrics about who he is, what he has done for us, and how we want to respond.  Next there is a message from the Bible (30-40 minutes).  The Bible is God's written word to us and it is an essential pathway to growing deeper in Jesus.  We want to take these timeless truths and apply them in relevant ways to our lives.  

We want everyone to feel free to engage with what they feel comfortable with; and also free to just hang back and observe.


Every Sunday we work hard to create a fun, safe, and engaging experience for the kids!  This is a valuable opportunity to reinforce a crucial message in their little hearts - there is a God who created them uniquely, and who loves them passionately!  We want our kids to have that truth as the foundation of their lives, so they will be strong and joyful no matter what this world throws at them.

Creating a safe and secure environment is our first priority.  All our volunteers are people of demonstrated character and integrity with a clean criminal record check.  They have received training and completed Plan to Protect certification.  

Kids will join parents in the worship service for the first few songs, and then be dismissed to the kids program.  The parent who checks in the child will receive a security tag to ensure a safe pickup after the service.


I am a _______. Will I be welcome?

The short answer (and long answer) is Yes.  We each have different histories, different scars, and different ways that we have veered from God's perfect path for our lives.  But we have the most important thing in common: our only hope is Jesus.  He is the solution.  We all desperately need more of him.  And EVERYONE is welcome to join us in this pursuit, wherever they're at in life.

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Worship Gathering

Sundays at 4PM
3000 Christmas Way, Coquitlam

Mailing Address

Attn: Pastor Peter Helm
1636 Regan Ave, Coquitlam BC V3J 3B8