3030 Gordon Shelter

Jesus established the church to be a potent force for good in the world (despite its reputation to the contrary sometimes...)  He doesn’t condemn the hurts and brokenness of a world alienated from God - he wants to heal it!  He wants to make it new!  And he wants to work through his followers. Jesus himself is the means of this renewal. As we know him more, experiencing his renewal in our own lives, we will want all people to know him too!  

Every day, every interaction is an opportunity to bring the renewing life of Jesus to the people and places around us.  But the main way we live out this rhythm as a church is at the 3030 Gordon Homeless shelter. We go there to love people, serve meals, and build relationships.  Really we just try to be open to the specific ways that Jesus wants to bring new life there.

No experience is necessary to serve at the Shelter! Click here to sign-up on the days you are available! 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate Danielle Johnson (danielle@egchurch.com)!